Galaxy & Clip Studio Paint

Enjoy creating more with Galaxy and Clip Studio Paint!

The Galaxy series has a wide range of models that are ideal for creating illustration and comics. Galaxy users can get 6 months free access to the new Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy to start getting creative right away! Experience how natural it feels to draw with the S Pen-compatible Galaxy smartphones and tablets with 4,096 levels of pen pressure sensitivity.

Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy

6 Months Free, Exclusively for Galaxy Users

Get the artist's tool for drawing, painting, comics, and animation, loved by professionals for 6 months for free! Get one hour free of charge per day to get creative on your smartphone, even after your free period is over. Take advantage of our flexible monthly usage plans to draw as and when you need on your preferred Galaxy, Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, or Chromebook device.

What OS are supported? What do I need to get started? Can I connect my display tablet? Click the link below to find out the answers to these questions and more!

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Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy features

Optimized comic and illustration features, exclusive to Galaxy

Experience Clip Studio Paint’s natural drawing capabilities with gestures that make the most of the S Pen's capabilities, helping you create high-quality art without any bottlenecks in the creative process.
Assign your favorite features as S Pen gestures with air action settings.

Use your Galaxy smartphone as a handheld shortcut remote

Connect your smartphone and tablet to the same Wi-Fi network to use your smartphone as a handheld shortcut remote in Companion mode.
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No S Pen? No worries!

Connect your Wacom One display tablet in DeX mode to get creative with unparalleled ease.
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What is Clip Studio Paint?

For all creators

Clip Studio Paint was created for the artist inside all of us and gives even the most inexperienced artists the ability to draw natural brush strokes with an ease that no other graphics software can match.

© DUBU(REDICE STUDIO), Chugong, h-goon 2018 / D&C MEDIA

© DUBU(REDICE STUDIO), Chugong, h-goon 2018 / D&C MEDIA

Natural, beautiful artwork

What sets Clip Studio Paint apart from other image editing apps is how easy it is to create beautiful and clean-looking linework. Clip Studio Paint also supports the Galaxy S Pen pen pressure sensitivity, allowing you to draw smooth and expressive works of art. Use pen gestures (air actions) to shortcut your favorite functions and draw quickly and efficiently.

Over 50,000 ready-to-use pens and brushes for drawing

Over 50,000 ready-to-use pens and brushes are available for download on Clip Studio Assets. Choose from a wide variety of materials to suit your every creative need and broaden the expressive horizons of your art.

Clip Studio ASSETS

Tested in DeX Mode

Wacom One Creative Pen Display

Get creative no matter your setup

The 13” Wacom One LCD tablet offers a great digital art starter pack for anyone who wants to draw digitally, edit images, scribble on documents or just jot down ideas.

Experience incredible natural drawing at a reasonable price with the Wacom One LCD tablet, and kick not only your creativity up a notch, but your enjoyment too.
Turn a single digital pen into a multitude of brushes, pencils, erasers, and even stationary and other art supplies. Connect with your Galaxy device to add a bit more originality to your photos and videos. Express yourself with the compact and stylish display and pen for freehand drawing.

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Wacom One x Galaxy x Clip Studio Paint for Galaxy

Watch this video to see how to connect your Galaxy device to your Wacom One, how to switch to DeX mode, and more!